SAAPRA members are committed to providing the best possible service to their clients and patients by supporting the progression of the profession, conforming to the requirements and regulations of the SAVC, and staying up to date on the latest knowledge and research in the industry through continuing education. 

You can find all of our registered therapist in our directory below. 


Animal Health and Hydro

Gauteng, Benoni

Name: Tanya Grantham
Cell: 083 230 2188

Qualifications: BSc (Hons), BVSc, CCRP, CVA, CCBW, CertSCVA

Services: Acupuncture, prolotherapy, gold bead implants, hydrotherapy (pool and underwater treadmill), therapeutic exercise, massage and myofascial release, fitness, weight loss, sports training, therapeutic laser, e-stim.

Name: Jessica Evans
 Gauteng, Benoni
Cell: 083 230 2188

Qualifications: Caninology Canine Body Worker (CCBW), CCRP

Services: Hydrotherapy, UWT, therapeutic exercise, massage, light therapy and e-stim

Name: Bianca Rootman
 Gauteng, Benoni
Landline: 012 996 116
Cell: 083 654 4295

Qualifications: B.Com Equine Sciences, Equinology Equine Body Worker Level 1, Caninology Canine Body Worker, Diploma in Canine Hydrotherapy.

Services: Canine rehabilitation and hydrotherapy, Equine body work

Back in Motion

Name: Viani Erasmus
Area: Highveld, Centurion
Cell: 066 222 0088

Qualifications: BSc Zoology, CCRP

Services: Small animal hydrotherapy, Manual, Electro and therapeutic exercises

@ Balance

Name: Alexandra Davies
Area: Blue Hills, Midrand
Cell: 083 297 4147

Qualifications: Masterson Method Certified Practitioner

Services: Equine Therapy

Bedfordview Animal Rehabilitation & Conditioning Center

Name: Dr. Tamsin Price
Area: Bedfordview
Landline: 011 616 4088
Cell: 072 449 5177

Qualifications: BVSc, CCRP

Services: Land-based physical therapy, Acupuncture, Housecalls

Courteney Meyer Veterinary Therapist

Name: Courteney Meyer
 Bromhof Vet Clinic / Kyalami / Beaulieu
Landline: 011 792 1728
Cell: 083 563 9536

Qualifications: Veterinary Therapy – Equine Librium College

Services: Hydrotherapy, Electrotherapy, Manual Therapy, Mobilisations, Pain Management, Weight Management, Strength and Conditioning, Postoperative rehabilitation, Conservative therapy.

Doggy Paddle

Name: Sr Alison Fantin
Area: Chartwell
Landline: 011 708 6628
Cell: 082 787 2680

Qualifications: Veterinary Nurse,  Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner

Services: Hydrotherapy/ rehabilitation

EarthEco Equine Services


Name: Chantal Holder
Area: Midrand
Cell: 082 883 9182

Qualifications: BSc Physiotherapy, Mastersons Method Certified, Advanced Canine Physio Practitioner, Instructor

Services: Equine Therapist

Name: Robert Holder
Area: Midrand
Cell: 082 373 2756

Qualifications: Masterson’s Method Certified Practitioner, Instructor

Services: Equine Therapist

Emmylou Rivers

Name: Emmylou Rivers
Area: Sunninghill, Johannesberg
Cell: 082 576 7647

Qualifications: DVN, CCRP

Services: Physical rehabilitation, Pain Management, Weight Management, Soft tissue injuries, Wound healing, Fracture management, Post-operative rehabilitation, Neurological & Orthopaedic conditions, Photizo light therapy, NMES, TENS, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Acupuncture (by Vet), Pain clinics (by Vet), Therapeutic exercises, Tuina massage, Jacuzzi treatments, ECSW, Behavioural consults, Kinestiology taping, Deep Oscillation therapy, Pain clinics (run by vet), Accupuncture (by vet)


Name: Bianca Rootman
Area: Gauteng
Cell: 083 654 4295
Facebook Page: Equihands

Qualifications: BSc (Physio) Wits, M.Anim.St (Animal Physiotherapy) UQ

Services: Animal physiotherapist, Physiotherapy assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of horses and dogs.

Equineer Equine Sports Massaging

Name: Lientjie Grobler
Area: Pretoria
Cell: 082 871 3234
Facebook Page

Qualifications: National Diploma Equine Science(2000) , Equine Sports Massage 100+ Hours(2000) , Equine Stretching (2005) , Tapping (2018)

Services: Equine Sports Massage, Equine Stretching and Tapping

Equine-Librium Clinic

Name: Jana Hager
Area: Kyalami
Cell: 071 898 1082

Qualifications: Equine-Librium – Veterinary Therapy

Services: Physical Rehabilitation therapies.

Equinamix Mobile Veterinary Therapy

Name: Nadia Van Der Merwe
Area: Kyalami and Surrounding areas
Cell: 082 491 8883

Qualifications: Equine-Librium – Veterinary Therapy

Services: Services: Manual Therapy, Massage, Stretching, PROM (Passive Range of Motion), Joint mobilization, Myofascial release, Cryotherapy, Therapeutic rehabilitative exercises (with specifically designed rehabilitative exercise programs), rehabilitative long lining, Kinesio Taping Techniques and Electrotherapy modalities such as Faradic, Laser Therapy, TENS,EMS, Thermal modalities, Equissage Handheld ( Vibrational Therapy) BEMER VET 3000.


Name: Jayne Lawless
Cell: 082 450 8923

Qualifications: BSc (Physio) Wits, M.Anim.St (Animal Physiotherapy) UQ

Services: Animal physiotherapist, Physiotherapy assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of horses and dogs.

Faculty of Veterinary Science (University of Pretoria)

Area: Onderstepoort, Pretoria

Name: Dr. Elize van Vollenhoven
Landline: 012 529 8263

Qualifications: BVSc, CCRP, PHD, LLB, CVA

Services: Recognised Specialist in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law (EU)/Lecturer: Equine Ethology & Veterinary Law and Ethics/Animal Behaviour Practitioner/ Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner/Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist/Companion Animal Clinical Studies.

Name: Theresa Frias
Area: Onderstepoort, Pretoria
Landline: 012 529 8550

Qualifications: DVN, CCRP

Services: Small animal rehabilitation

Happy Feet Animal Physiotherapy

Name: Sian Emily Johnston
Area: Weltevreden Park, Gauteng
Cell: 082 793 2942

Qualifications: B.Sc. (hons) Animal Science (University of Pretoria), M.Sc. Veterinary Physiotherapy (Harper Adams University, UK), Masterson Method trained, busy completing certification, Various dog training and behaviour courses, Reiki level II

Services: At home animal physiotherapy for Dogs and Horses. Including Masterson Method and behavioural training included in consultation.

Hole Shot

Name: Rene Brinkman
Area: Beaulieu, Kyalami, Gauteng
Cell: 082 441 2702

Qualifications: Nat Dip Equine Studies, CEEPSA Level 1 Equestrian Coach, Equine Complimentary Therapist, Mastersons Method Certified Practioner, Competitive Rider.

Services: Equine Complimentary Therapist, Mastersons Method Certified Practioner


Name: Kirsty Brebner
Area: Parkview, Randburg
Cell: 082 784 8420

Qualifications: CCBW, Caninology® Dynamic Dog: Biomechanics & Gait Abnormalities; CCRP (in progress)

Services: Massage, Therapeutic Exercises, Light Therapy (mobile service)

Paws, Claws & Wings

Name: Emmylou Rivers
Area: Sunninghill
Cell: 082 576 7647

Qualifications: DVN, CCRP, Tuina techniques for rehab practitioners/ Diploma in Game Ranging/ Ethology Academy- Bird Behaviour, FAGASA level 1, UP Course in Vet Behavioural Medicine

Services: Services: Physical rehabilitation, Pain Management, Weight Management, Soft tissue injuries, Wound healing, Fracture management, Post-operative rehabilitation, Neurological & Orthopaedic conditions, Photizo light therapy, NMES, TENS, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Acupuncture (by Vet), Pain clinics (by Vet), Therapeutic exercises, Tuina massage, Jacuzzi treatments, ECSW, Behavioural consults, Kinestiology taping, Deep Oscillation therapy, Pain clinics (run by vet), Accupuncture (by vet).


Name: Diana Bollweg
Area: North Riding A H, Roodepoort
Cell: 083 283 5393

Qualifications: BSc (Physiotherapy)

Services: Canine Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, and Rehabilitation

Paws-itive /

Facebook Page: Pawsitive Pawsabilities
Area: Centurion, Pretoria and Midrand

Name: Heather Whitfield
Cell: 083 566 7009

Qualifications: Hydrotherapy & Massage (British Royal Vet Collage), Ethology ( Ethology Academy SA), Tellington TTouch – TTouch SA

Services: Veterinary Physical Rehabilitation, Hydrotherapy, Animal Behaviour, Dog Training and Puppy Socialization

Name: Michelle Shackleford
Cell: 083 566 7009

Qualifications: Certified Canine Body Worker. Certified Canine Rehab Practitioner

Services: Physiotherapy (Canines)


Randlehoff Veterinary Therapy

Name: Cormé Randlehoff
Area: Pretoria, Eastern Free State
Cell: 076 547 1881

Qualifications: Veterinary Therapy – Equine Librium College

Services: Veterinary Physical Rehabilitation Therapy of Large and Small animals. Neuromusculoskeletal Therapy. Orthopaedic, Neurological (Pre- and Post-surgery), Conservative Rehabilitation and Management. Rehabilitation an Management of Geriatric patients, Congenital Conditions and Sport Animals. Massage, Mobilizations, Stretching, Myofascial Release, Electrotherapy, Cryotherapy, Heat Therapy and Rehabilitation Specific Exercises

SMART Vet Centre 

Name: Kayla du Toit
Area: Witkoppen, Johannesburg
Cell: 071 370 6668

Qualifications: National Diploma of Equine Studies and Masterson Method Certified Practitioner

Services: Masterson Method Sessions


Tala Rehabilitation & Hydrotherapy

Name: Marinda Van Zyl
Area: Zwavelpoort, Pretoria
Cell: 082 662 4916

Qualifications: Diploma in Hydrotherapy for small animalsrapy, Ethology (Ethology Academy SA) , Animal Behaviour and Dog Training

Services: Hydrotherapy, UWT, Pain Management, Pre & Post Operative Therapy & Healing, Orthopaedic & Neaurological Conditions, Weight Management, SOft Tissue Injuries, Wound Healing, Therapeutic Exercises, Light Therapy, Electrotherapy, FItness, Endurance Training, Behaviour Consultations, Proprioceptive Training

Touch Equine Sports Massage

Name: Michelle Robertson
Area: Centurion
Cell: 082 466 0187

Qualifications: Equine Body worker (EEBW)

Services: Equine sports massage, Reiki, Equine aromatherapy and Winks Greene Transeva therapy.

Valley Farm Animal Hospital

Name: Emre Pienaar
Area: Faerie Glen, Pretoria
Landline: 012 991 3573
Cell: 084 666 7192

Qualifications: Equine-Librium Course for Veterinary Therapists

Services: Feline, Canine, and Equine Hydrotherapy, Cold & Heat Therapy, Manual Therapy (Stretching/ Massage/ Soft and Myofascial release), Electrotherapy and Therapeutic exercises. Post-operative physiotherapy, exercises, and weight loss programs.

Megan Esterhuysen

Name: Megan Esterhuysen
Area: 213 Main Street, Waterkloof, Pretoria
Cell: 079 492 0658

Qualifications: BVSC veterinary science

Services: Physiotherapy


Equine-Librium Clinic

Name: Ceileigh Niedermayr
Area: Ballito, Summerveld, Hillcrest and surrounds
Cell: 079 896 1724

Qualifications: Equine-Librium Veterinary Therapy

Services: Mobile Veterinary Therapy service including manual therapy, Exercise programs and electrotherapy such as Laser, TENS, EMS and Faradic

Juli-Ann Riley

Name: Juli-Ann Riley
Area: Kloof
Landline: 031 767 3989
082 435 1123

Qualifications: BSc Physiotherapy, APGSA Equine Level 2 course

Services: Equine physiotherapy

Laubscher Physiotherapy

Name: Karen Laubscher
Area: Hilton
Landline: 033 343 4460
082 783 2909

Qualifications: MSc Physiotherapy. Interest in Small animals

Services: Physio and Rehabilitation to Small Animals

Leigh Higgs

Name: Leigh Higgs
Area: Richmond
076 979 2098

Qualifications: 4 year degree from Equine-Librium

Services: Veterinary Physiotherapy

Umgeni Veterinary Clinic

Name: Marguerite Gatley-Roach
Area: Hilton
Landline: 033 343 4316
083 306 7722

Qualifications: BVSc (Hons) MSc CCRP

Services: Manual Therapy, Laser, NMES, TENS, Ultrasound

Westville Veterinary Hospital Rehabilitation & Wellness Centre

Name: Salomien Erasmus
Area: Westville, Durban
Landline: 031 267 8000

Qualifications: TCAP Diploma in Animal Physiotherapy (UK); COAPE SA Animal Behaviour (DIPCABT)

Services: Manual therapy (massage, passive range of motion, stretching), Myofascial Release, Cold Laser, Therapeutic ultrasound, Neuromuscular electrical stimulation and TENS, Photizo light therapy, Hydrotherapy, Therapeutic exercises, PEMF/Bemer therapy, Weight management

Western Cape

Antoinette Smit

Name: Antoinette Smit
Area: Bellville

Qualifications: Dip Vet Nursing, CCRP

Services: 1st assessments, patient-specific treatment programs, massage therapy, Tuina massage, assisted and active exercises, canine core ball work, laser therapy, ESTIMS, hydrotherapy- swimming /underwater treadmill, Advice on assistive rehab devices, nutrition, supplementation, weight loss, home exercise programs, home modifications for postoperative and geriatric patients

Animal Fitness Center

Name: Sr. Mandy McCue
Area: Cape Town, Plumstead
Landline: 021 705 1472

Qualifications: Dip Vet Nur

Services: Hydrotherapy and Physical Rehabilitation

Animal Physical Rehab

Name: Dawn Jones
Area: 45 Main Street Newlands, Cape Town
Landline: 021 674 4090
Cell: 082 344 9370

Qualifications: BSc (EGS), VN (UK), EEBW, CCBW

Services: Physiotherapy: Functional assessments LASER, Pulsed magnetic Field Therapy, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Underwater Treadmill, Post-op rehab, sports specific preparation, weight loss.


Cape Animal Physiotherapy


Name: Lindi Barkhuysen
Area: Cape Town & Surrounds
Cell: 076 075 9961

Qualifications: Veterinary Therapy (Equine-librium)

Services: Equine, Canine and Feline Physical Therapy and rehabilitation

Name: Christelle van Wyk
Area: Welgedacht, Bellville
Cell: 083 294 3056

Qualifications: Completed course at Equine-Librium College in 2016

Services: Equine, canine, and feline veterinary therapy


Equine-Librium College, Clinic and Stables

Landline: 044 533 9513
Area: Plettenberg Bay,
George, PE

Name: Ronel van der Sidje
Cell: 082 920 5227

Qualifications: Equine-Librium, Sport Scientist, Cert. Equine Physical Therapy, Cert. Equine Craniosacral, Therapist levels 1 and 2

Services: Physical Rehabilitation therapies including UWT, LASER, NMES, TENS, Faradic, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Massage, PROM, Soft tissue Techniques, Joint Mobilisation, Therapeutic Exercise, Equisage, Equicore, CET-Spa, Solarium, Kinesiotape techniques, Craniosacral therapy – Treating Equine patients.

Name: Marinette Teeling

Qualifications: BVSc

Services: Physical Rehabilitation therapies including UWT, LASER, NMES, TENS, Faradic, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Massage, PROM, Soft tissue Techniques, Joint Mobilisation, Therapeutic Exercise, Equisage, Equicore, CET-Spa, Solarium, Kinesiotape techniques.


Name: Erane Jordaan
Cell: 0834077271

Qualifications: Equine-Librium Course for Veterinary Therapists

Services: Veterinary therapist, Equines and Canines

Name: Amy Louw
Area: Plettenberg Bay

Qualifications: BSc Physiotherapy UCT, APDL2- Equine, PACE- Canine

Services: Equine, Canine & Feline Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy

Name: Danelle Botes
Area: Plettenberg Bay, Kynsna
Cell: 083 652 2668

Qualifications: Equine-Librium Course for Veterinary Therapists

Services: Veterinary therapist, Equines and Canines, Home Visits

Name: Paige M Janse van Rensburg
Area: Plettenberg Bay, Kynsna
Cell: 082 897 9945

Qualifications: Equine-Librium Course for Veterinary Therapists

Services: Veterinary therapist, Equines and Canines, Home Visits

EquiCanis Africa

Name: Jo Smith
Area: Hermanus, Western Cape
Cell: 082 898 3353

Qualifications: Equinology Equine Body Worker (EEBW), Equine Exercise Physiology

Services: Equine Myofascial Release, Soft Tissue Mobilisation, Sports Massage, Focal Point Therapy, Range of Motion and Core Strengthening work, Physical training and conditioning

Equiform Animal Therapy

Name: Dominique Mostert
Area: Bellville
Cell: 082 571 5214

Qualifications: Equine-Librium College Veterinary Therapy

Services: Neurological, Orthopedic and Musculoskeletal conservative rehabilitation of canine, equine and feline patients using proprioceptive training, massage, stretching, mobilizations, myofascial release, electrotherapy, taping, cryotherapy, heat therapy, sport, and rehab specific exercises as well as hydrotherapy

Francis Kempton Jones

Name: Francis Kempton Jones
Cell: 083 704 6804

Qualifications: International Certificates in Hydrotherapy and Advanced Underwater Treadmill, Aimla Qualified Laser Certificates, Hill Nutrition Advisor Level 1 & 2 and Royal Canine Nutrition Level 1-4.

Services: Land Treadmill, Hydrotherapy, Laser, Photizo Light Therapy, TENS, NMES, balance and strengthening exercises.

Hesti de Witt

Name: Hesti de Witt
Area: Wittedrift Stofpad, Plettenberg Bay
Cell: 082 684 1817

Qualifications: Veterinary Therapy – Equine Librium

Services: Veterinary therapist, Equines and Canines

Garden Route Animal Physiotherapy

Name: Leandrie Nel van Eeden
Area: George / Garden Route (Mobile Unit)
Cell:  073 521 0811

Qualifications: Equine-Librium Course for Veterinary Therapists

Services: Manual therapy, Electrotherapy, Physical Rehab for Equines, Canines and Felines

Infinite Animal Therapy

Name: Tineka Kriel
Area: Sun Valley Western Cape
Cell: 073 973 8005

Qualifications: Veterinary Physiotherapy (Equine- Librium Collage)

Services: Hydrotherapy (pool), Electrotherapy (Laser/ Faradic/ TENS, EMS), Manual Therapy, Mobilisations, Pain Management, Weight Management, Strength and Conditioning, Post-operative rehabilitation, Conservative therapy, Neurological & Orthopaedic conditions, Therapeutic Exercise, Myofacial release. Treating Equine, Canine and Feline patients.

Kinetix Veterinary Rehabilitation Therapy

Name: Marisèl Janse van Noordwyk
Area: Cape Town and surrounds
Cell: 084 625 4122

Qualifications: BScBA Honours; Veterinary Therapy (Equine Librium)

Services: Physical rehabilitation for canine, feline and equines treating the following: Pain Management, Soft tissue injuries, tendon & ligament injuries, myofascial release, pre & post-operative rehabilitation, wound healing, geriatric management, osteoarthritis, Neurological & Orthopaedic conditions, weight loss, weight management, strengthening, conditioning and fitness. This is done by using the following: soft tissue techniques, stretching, joint mobilizations, therapeutic exercises, LASER, NMES, TENS, UWT, hydrotherapy, kinesiotape techniques, balancing and proprioceptive training and owner education.


Name: Megan Kelly
Area: Cape Town
Cell: 0729522541

Qualifications: BVSc. DipVet, CCRP

Services: Online Webinar CE

Panorama Veterinary Clinic

Name: Caroline Kohrs
Area: Panorama Veterinary Clinic
Landline: 021 930 6632

Qualifications: Dip Vet Nurse, Equine Science ( Elsenburg)

Services: Canine and Equine Therapy

Pet Wellness Worx

Area: 66 Buitendag Street, Monte Vista
Landline: 021 558 4518

Name: Lorren Barham
Cell: 083 704 6804

Qualifications: Diploma in Agricultural Management, International Hydrotherapy Diploma and Advanced Underwater Treadmill Certificate, Caninology Certified Canine Body Worker Certificate, MFR Practitioner and pending Canine Certified Rehabilitation Practitioner.

Services: Hydrotherapy including swimming and underwater treadmill, Rehabilitation, Animal Physiotherapy, Weight Management, Kinesiology Taping, Pain Management, Shockwave Therapy, Vibration Therapy, Soft Tissue Injuries, Wound Healing, Fractures, Post-Operative, Neurological; Orthopaedic Conditions, Tui-na Massage, Myofascial Release, Therapeutic Exercises, Laser Class 4b and Light Therapy, Electrotherapy; Tens, Therapeutic Ultrasound.


Name: Kristine Mylo
Cell: 084 299 2910

Qualifications: Equine-Librium College- Veterinary Therapy

Services: Hydrotherapy (swimming & Underwater Treadmill), Rehabilitation & Animal therapy, Weight management, Pain Management, Kinesiology Taping, soft tissue injuries, wound healing, fractures Post-operative healing, neurological & orthopaedic conditions, Myofacial Release, Therapeutic Exercises, Laser Class 4b and light therapy, Electrotherapy & TENS, Therapeutic Ultrasound.

Name: Zanfre Gorgosilich
Cell: 083 704 6804

Qualifications: Certificate in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals

Services: Hydrotherapy (Swimming and UWT), Hydro massage, Laser therapy, Light therapy, NMES, TENS, Nutrition


Pets in Balance

Name: Danielle van Wyk
Area: Somerset West
Landline: 021 852 3551

Qualifications: Equine-Librium Course for Veterinary Therapists

Services: Small Animals: Underwater treadmill therapy, manual therapy, cryo/thermotherapy, electrotherapy modalities (TENS/EMS, ultrasound, laser), weight loss, therapeutic and rehabilitation exercise, sports conditioning.
Dr. Angela Vorster provides chiropractic and acupuncture services for Pets in Balance.

Peninsula Veterinary Hospital

Name: Sylvia Korpel
Area: Diep River, Cape Town
Landline: 021 712 5103
Cell: 084 522 0647

Qualifications: Dip Cur Anim

Services: Underwater treadmill, Acupuncture, Therapeutic Exercises, Massage

Rebound Veterinary Rehabilitation Therapy

Name: Caleigh Snyman
Area: Helderberg and surrounds
Cell: 082 382 5951

Qualifications: Veterinary Therapy (Equine-librium)

Services: A mobile clinic offering treatments such as: manual therapy techniques (stretching, massage, joint mobilizations, myofascial release, PROM), post-neurological deficit rehabilitation, rehabilitative exercises (including equine long-lining for therapeutic benefits), weight-loss and fitness programs, kinesiology taping, electrotherapy (currently only TENS and EMS), heat and cryotherapy and hydrotherapy (on special request).


Southern Edge Veterinary Therapy

Name: Sheneé Dery
Area: Cape Town and surrounds
Cell: 082 815 1655
Facebook Page

Qualifications: Veterinary Therapy (Equine-librium)

Services: Mobile practice providing, manual therapy, electrotherapy, laser therapy, Kinesiology Taping and rehab exercises for Canines, Equines and Felines.

Name: Gillian Martindale
Area: Cape Town and surrounds
Cell: 062 349 66138

Qualifications: Veterinary Therapy (Equine-librium)

Services: Mobile practice providing, manual therapy, electrotherapy, laser therapy, Kinesiology Taping and rehab exercises for Equines, Canines and Felines.

Tarryn Brand

Name: Tarryn Brand
Area: Malmesbury
Cell: 081 714 3010

Qualifications: Canine Certified Rehabilitation Practitioner Pending. International Certificates in Hydrotherapy.

Services: Mobile practice providing pre-op/post-op rehab animal Physiotherapy, Weight Management, Pain Management, Neurological & Orthopaedic conditions, Myofascial Release.


Wellington Animal Hospital

Name: Kim Parker
Area: Wellington
Landline: 021 863 1196
Cell: 082 327 8472

Qualifications: Equine-Librium, DVN

Services: Equine pre & post surgical, lamenes, injury, maintenance

Eastern Cape

Hands On Animal Physical Rehab

Name: Nicole Kruger
Area: East London
Cell: 083 636 1300

Qualifications: EEBW(R), CCBW(R), CCRP (in process)

Services: Mobile Service available for Equine, Canine & Feline, Physical Rehabilitation, Faradic, Massage, Myofascial Release, NMES, TENS, PROM, Soft Tissue Techniques, Joint Mobilisation, Kineseotape Techniques, Therapeutic Exercise, Photizo Light Therapy, Aculaser, Hydrotherapy & TTouch

Libra Paws

Name: Jonathan Gareth May
Area: Port Elizabeth
Cell: 083 772 9007

Qualifications: CCRP; Dip. Canine Hydrotherapy; Certified Canine Body Worker

Services: Hydrotherapy, Physucal rehabilitation, Therapeutic Exercise, Massage

Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic

Name: Dr. Alma Kerr
Area: Port Elizabeth
Landline: 041 373 4243

Qualifications: BVMS, CCRP, PgC WVACPM, CVA, MRCVS

Services: Physical Rehabilitation, Acupuncture (including Electroacupuncture), Pain Management, Laser Therapy, Veterinary Chiropractic, Post-op Rehab Daycare, NMES, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Therapeutic Exercises, Land Treadmill, Stocks assistive devices for disabled pets, Platelet Regenerative Therapy.


Hoofbeats Veterinary Therapy

Name: Rosheen Watson
Area: Volksrust, Bethal, Standerton, Ermelo and Newcastle in KZN
Cell: 082 754 3775

Qualifications: Equine Librium – Veterinary Physiotherapy

Services: Physical Rehabilitation services for equines, canines, and felines

C J Merber Physiotherapy

Name: Caroline Jane Merber
Area: Nelspruit
Cell: 082 709 2782

Qualifications: MCSP (Chartered Physiotherapist UK)

Services: Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Hydrotherapy (UWT) and Home Visits. Equine & Canine.

Limpopo Province

Ané Lloyd Veterinary Therapy

Name: Ané Lloyd
Area: Limpopo Province
Cell: 073 280 6663

Qualifications: Qualified from Equine-Librium College 2015, Level 4 EQASA

Services: Mobile treatment of Neuromusculoskeletal and performance-related problems and injuries in dogs, horses, and cats.

Equine and Canine Veterinary Therapy

Name: Kristel Terblanche
Area: Limpopo Province
Cell: 082 790 3110

Qualifications: Qualified from Equine-Librium College 2017

Services: Veterinary Therapy for Equines and Canines


ExPets Rehabilitation

Name: Clayton Sakala
Area: Harare
Landline: +263776030819

Qualifications: DVN, CCRP

Services: Therapy, Fitness, Massage


Danjele Himmel Veterinary Therapy

Name: Danjele Himmel
Area: Namibia and Plettenberg Bay
Landline: 00264811242706
Cell: 060 432 7408

Qualifications: Equine Librium Veterinary Therapy / BSET Academy

Services: Veterinary Therapy – Canine and Equines, Transeva Therapy

Olga Loubser Physiotherapy

Name: Olga Loubser
Area: Swakopmund, Namibia
Cell: +264 817 872247

Qualifications: BSc Physiotherapy, APGSA (Animal Physiotherapy Group of South Africa)-Equine

Services: Equine and Human physiotherapy and combination assessment and management. Including pre-and post-operative and post-injury rehabilitation, myofascial release, joint mobilizations, stretching, Kinesiotaping, muscle and nerve stimulation or relaxation by various Electrotherapy modalities, wound healing and scar tissue treatment, pain management, dry needling, therapeutic conditioning and strengthening including balance and proprioception training.

Windhoek Veterinary Clinic

Name: Megan Darling-Adank
Area: Windhoek, Namibia
Landline: +264 612 28405

Qualifications: Dip Vet Nursing, CCRP

Services: Canine Rehabilitation

United Kingdom

Village Vet

Name: Kate Smith
Area: Maida Vale, London
Cell: +44 756 241 4549
Work: +44 020 7289 1000

Qualifications: Dip. Veterinary Nursing; Equine-Librium Course for Veterinary Therapists

Services: Equine and Canine Veterinary Rehabilitation

Current Students

Students at Equine-Libruim Collage – Plettenberg Bay

Name: Carléa Meyer
Mobile: 072 641 7677


Name: Enica Lee
Mobile: 079 403 1940

Name: De Maudave Bestel Henri Didier
Mobile: +27 (0)63 236 1309

Name: Mia Steyn
Mobile: 081 307 9127

4th Year Student

Name: Savannah A. Kloeck

Name: Sheri fourie
Mobile: 060 409 7241