The SAVC wishes to bring all veterinary physiotherapists on board within the next two years. The SAVC Veterinary Physiotherapy Sub-Committee received “self-mapping” against the Day 1 skills from each applicant and they have started with individual evaluation of applicants. The examination, where applicable, can only be determined once all the self-mapping has been evaluated and will probably only take place in 2020. The SAVC will be communicating directly with each applicant. – Leonie Westcott, DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION, SAVC

South African Animal
Physical Rehabilitation Association

The association recognised by the South African Veterinary Council for professionals working within the field of Animal Physical Rehabilitation, who have applied for registration with the South African Veterinary Council.


To promote, develop and facilitate the practice of Veterinary Physiotherapy by registered and regulated professionals under SAVC.


Become a Part of the Association


SAAPRA is an association created to represent and assist all Animal rehabilitation therapists in SA through the promulgation of the para-veterinary profession veterinary physiotherapy, the registration of the individual with the SAVC, and the continuing growth and development of both the profession within SA, and the individual practitioner.  

  • We are the voice of our members within the SAVC, voicing concerns and needs.
  • We relay information from the SAVC to our members, on any advances within the field.
  • We provide continuing education opportunities for our members through the annual conference.
  • We work with private training institutions to make CPD courses more accessible to members.
  • We provide members with advertising opportunities to further grow their businesses.
  • We provide a database of recognised professionals directly to the public.


SAAPRA members are professionals within the veterinary rehabilitation field in SA who are committed to:

  • the growth and improvement of the profession,
  • improving their knowledge by regularly attending CPD events,
  • providing the highest quality of care and service to their patients,
  • and above all, are committed to the wellbeing of every one of their patients.
What we do

Our Services

We are committed to improving the quality of care received by patients throughout SA by assisting our members in the following ways:


Registering Veterinary Physiotherapy as a para-veterinary profession will allow long term benefits to the profession, as registered therapists will be legally protected and accountable with the SAVC, allowing a high standard of care to all our patients. We strive to assist our members through the upcoming registration process.


Our annual conference provides an affordable opportunity for our members to expand their knowledge, connect with colleagues and suppliers. We work with private training institutions to make further training more accessible to our members.


We provide our members with opportunities to advertise and increase their exposure to clients.


We provide a database of registered members to the public, making your business easily accessible to the clients that need you.